Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need content for my website?

You are one of millions of businesses on the internet competing for people to buy their products, labor, or time. Content allows you to attract users to your assets and market them. If you communicate well, you’ll earn more customers. It really is that simple.

What’s the difference between a Content Architect and a Content Writer?

There is a lot of overlap but the primary difference is that content writers build content for visibility, while content architects design content for engagement. The writer’s job is simply to inform or entertain, while a content architect motivates users into action. Content architects cultivate experiences for users on their search journey.

Do I need a content architect?

Do you have a lot of content on your website but no traffic coming in? Or high traffic but no conversions or engagements? You need a content architect to help you structure the content more effectively so that users can better trust and engage with the information.

When are you available?

I’ll try to respond between 9 am to 5 pm on Mon – Friday. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

How do you research target audiences?

I’ll often use online resources such as reddit communities, google trends, keyword research tools, and data aggregators to identify target consumers to understand their personalities, preferences, and needs. If given a website industry, I’ll also review competing websites and their niche communities to identify the buyer persona’s.

What are the essentials of good web content?

I go over this in depth in my about page, but in short: Good content is useful, verifiable, motivational, and innovative.

How do you go about creating a content strategy for your client?

Using a simple process of identifying their goals, objectives, and targets: Then connecting them with their target audience by brainstorming ideas. Strategies are the easy part, it’s the research that’s time and effort consuming.

How do you decide what topic/subject to write on?

Usually my client’s come to me with topics/subjects they already have and I’m happy to assist. However, if my clients are stuck I’ll offer advice based on their niche and current weaknesses. If the website has a lot of content but no engagement, I’ll start advocating for more interactive content, content restructuring and a few other techniques.

How do you determine the tone of the content

Using a simple formula of channel limitations(brand goals + audience needs).

How do you integrate SEO into your content

By writing for people-first, and then editing for search engines. This includes managing the keyword density, meta tags, body tags, and linking structure.

How do you analyze content performance?

For social media content: likes, shares, and comments are usually pretty strong indicators of engagement. For website copy: time on page, conversions, and search engine rankings are strong indicators. Performance is dependent upon your goals.

What is the difference between content and copy?

Content focuses on informing and entertaining, while copy focuses on persuasion. You want to utilize content to establish credibility, and copy to get your visitors to convert.

Concerning your services, how long will it take me to receive my documents?

Your document(s) will be delivered via email or by secure download after a consultation

How many revisions are included?

3 revisions are included with any service that you order. After all, good work shouldn’t need that many revisions!

What if I can’t afford the services?

Our website is filled with tutorials, free digital products, and ideas. You should be able to find something valuable here.

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