Resume Critique: Actionable Affordable Advice!

Do you wonder if your resume is even getting seen? A recruiter will spend six seconds reviewing your resume, we’ll spend an hour making sure it’s perfect. Our resume critique will provide you valuable feedback on the strongest and weakest parts of you resume. Our examination includes a:

Content Review: We’ll inspect the information provided and ensure it’s relevant and impressive

Design/Format Review: We’ll provide feedback about the overall organization and structure and run it through an Applicant Tracking System

Including suggestions for any information that should be added, excluded, or further clarified. This is not a live or collaborative process considering it’s just a simple review and our professional advice concerning your resume. Stop losing opportunities.

The Review Process

  1. Once you place an order and follow the download instructions to send the documents
  2. We inspect the resume and give you feedback on the content and design
  3. You’ll receive a 1-2 page document within 48 hours after receipt of documents and payment.
  4. You can utilize the feedback to build your perfect resume!