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Affirmation Mental Health Workout: Rumination

Your mind needs exercise just like your body does. This mental health workout allows you to build mental fortitude so that you can lighten and eventually stop negative thoughts that […]

Data Scientist Cover Letter Formula

A simple and effective data science cover letter formula you can use to impress your employers! Included in the purchase is a standard cover letter that comes with written instructions […]

Entry-Level Babysitter Resume Example

Babysitting is an evergreen activity for you to earn money and can be the start of a career if you are passionate enough. To be a successful babysitter you will […]

No Experience Server Resume Sample

Restaurant serving is an evergreen job opportunity. If you have absolutely on experience with a restaurant job and need to submit a resume, you can use our downloadable sample. Stand […]

Professional Resume Template

This professional resume template has a clean and simple design and can be edited in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Great for office jobs and corporations. Not recommended for […]

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