About Jah Harvman

 “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

-Ophelia, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

I am here to spread love and light to those in need. As a passionate content architect and life coach, I utilize my expertise to build both high quality advice content and guide wanderers on their journey through life.


My expertise is composed of a deep-seated understanding of the human psyche through a combination of multiple forms of training, education, and first-hand experience.

First-hand Experience: I was born in Brooklyn, New York to a poor low-income black family. Through out my life I have moved into several different environments including Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Upstate New York. I constantly had to adapt to new environments in sink or swim moments. I sunk more than I swam, and learned so much more from it.

Bullying: As victim, bystander, and bully: I’ve seen it from every perspective. From physical fights and taunts, to verbal and emotional attacks. Kids are more cruel than the devil himself. I know what it feels like to hate going to school, to go all out because of inept zero tolerance policies. To becoming completely apathetic. I felt it, I have recovered from it, I’ve healed from it, now I am ready to help you. Without, judgment.

Domestic Violence: I understand what it is like to see your parents argue and get you involved asking for you to pick a side. I know what it’s like to grow up in a family where abuse of all types, physical, verbal, emotional, and financial are normalized. It was not right for your parents to hit you for mistakes, or crush your dreams, or tell you they wish they never had you, or steal the money you earned by yourself.

Community Violence: I don’t think I need to tell you what growing up in low-income areas like the hood or trailer parks is like. It contains a miasma of negativity and pain.

Giftedness: More like a curse when you are in public school. Because of no child left behind and the culture of public school, giftedness just puts a target on your back while depriving you of the resources to grow. You don’t even get the chance to develop your abilities because you can’t go ahead of your peers unless you skip a grade.

Formal Education: I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Human Biology and a Minor in Psychology at Hunter College in Manhattan, New York. My particular focus was in the mind, body, and health track and it was there I learned about the importance

Content Writing: Content is not a one-sized fits all approach. It is only valuable if it engages your audience and fulfills their search intent. If your content is too general, it will have low engagement and conversions. If it’s too specific, it may not gain any popularity at all. Harvman has mastered and utilized multiple forms of content including but not limited to: Articles, Blog posts, Case Studies, Website Copy, Surveys, Product Descriptions, Tutorials, Testimonials, White Papers, Ebooks, Profile Pages, etc.

Content Design: You can’t create anything valuable without a powerful structure. Content structure makes the product aesthetic, efficient, innovative, and understandable. It’s about giving the audience what they need when they find your content, and in a way that they can apply that information. Harvman has transformed weak micro-content into evergreen guides with interactive multi-media.

Data Analysis: Data is the most valuable commodity that one can own. It has no practical use or special qualities without context, but you can refine it into ideas, relationships, strategies, tactics, and techniques. Data analysis has transformed small brands into global empires, and given meaning to the meaningless. It is an integral part of my writing process that allows me to give direction to my content. I can identify patterns in attractive content and innovate on them to attract a wider audience.

Digital Marketing: Marketing content on the internet is the future of business. This includes creating advertisements and optimizing websites for search engines. Digital marketing is all about connecting a potential audience with your ideas. That means gaining their attention, maintaining that attention, and then converting that attention into value for your business.

My Guiding Philosophy and Core Values

Adversity can be a valuable teacher, abuse is not. Adversity involves challenges that push us to our limits, giving us time to reflect and grow. Abuse results in trauma that has lasting negative consequences, creating trauma that holds us back until we can recover and heal. What does not kill you, will not always make you stronger. Trauma can leave you broken, confused, spiteful, and angry. At the world, at yourself, at existence. Trauma is not a necessary catalyst, I am sorry that you were forced to go through it.

Autonomy: The combination the freedom to do what you want and the control over your life is called autonomy. It allows you to make choices unrestricted by any outside entity. I respect the autonomy of my clients and guide them to make their own choices of their own free will. I am not here to command you nor enable you, I am here to empower you. I am here to teach you just as much as I am here to heal you.

Compassion: I have always been able to recognize the pain and suffering of others as if it were my own. Because of this, I intervened when others needed help and interfered when they didn’t. I had so much empathy that I began to pity others and saved them from making mistakes that would have taught them valuable lessons. I won’t make that mistake again. I am here to support the learning process not prevent it.

Integrity: I have learned to follow through with my words and stick to my actions. Even if they have unforeseen consequences. Without integrity there is always uncertainty as to what someone is going to do. After all, why would you ever trust someone who is all talk and no action?

Justice: Eye for an eye, accept and move on, forgive with love. It makes no real difference to me how you get your justice, just as long as you get it. Consider me a neutral party, and while I won’t involve myself in any criminal activity, I will listen to your emotions and thoughts, and help you plan your next course of action with a clear head. Justice is anyone’s right but it looks different for everyone.

Realism: I am not an optimist nor a pessimist. I take a very pragmatic approach to life. It is what it is. Changing the outside environment takes a lot of effort and control. Its better to focus on what is actually in your control. Sometimes it isn’t worth the effort. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Respect: Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If someone does not respect you, they will not trust what you have to say nor appreciate what you do for them. I will respect all my clients but will not tolerate disrespect for long. I understand that people who have gone through abuse may have outbursts but I will not reward nor positively condition that behavior.

Designing Ideas: My Content Creation Process

Have you ever taken the moment to consider the nature of a thought? Images, sounds, ideas, words: we all have numerous thoughts that pop in and out of our head every day. Thoughts are the building blocks of content. Your favorite poem are the thoughts of a poet. The video that interested you today made you think about something in your life. Ideas pop into our head, but how do we express them for other’s to see? As a content architect, that is exactly the nature of my business.

I am able to turn thoughts into reality. To express ideas in a creative way, systematic way, or a combination of both of those areas. It requires a unique blend of analysis and synthesis. Several of my guides and tutorials are available for free, and to help you learn how to express your own ideas. So that you can create content and turn your visions into reality. There are 7 main laws about creating quality content.

1. Original content is king, but innovative content is queen. Not everyone can come up with an original idea, and not everyone needs to. 90% of what you see online, in the media, in a movie has been done before. You don’t have to be completely original, sometimes all it takes is to put your own small spin on it.

2. High quality content should move your audience. It should be valuable enough that your audience can apply it to their own lives. Whether it can help them solve their own problems. Or it can provide them a moment of relief when they are down. They should find it so valuable that they are willing to share it with others.

3. High quality content should have order. The thoughts should flow in a sequence that allows the person to understand how the previous thoughts relate to next one. It should be sectional where each section can stand on it’s own.

4. High quality content should have polarity. It should be designed in a way to give your users a way to make a choice. To give them an idea of what they can do and how each path is different for everyone.

5. High quality content should have rhythm. It should flow with more simple ideas at the forefront and delving into more complex ideas later. It should build a foundation and allow the reader to have a better understanding.

6. High quality content should have an identity. You should be able to tell exactly who the content is written for.

7. High quality content should have re-readability. The best forms of content are the ones that you should be able to go back and find something new from the same text. You can view the information from a different lenses and at a different perspective in your life.

Business Philosophy

If you ever have questions about prices on my website, know that I have a few business tenets. The first is that education should be free, which is why I created a journal which contains blog posts on a wide variety of topics. So you won’t see me selling just basic compilations of data. My products are all curated strategies that apply that data to specific situations so you don’t have to waste time figuring out how to do that yourself.

My services are about me selling my time, and it is very valuable to me in a world where nothing is permanent and life is ever changing. As such I will not provide any discounts for my services under any circumstances. You are free to ask if there are product coupons and I may but am not obligated to provide them.

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